Draft - Popular Liquid Staking Tokens on Arbitrum

I struggled to find charts that show this drop. I. Discovery Phase

II. Discovery Phase II ==RocketPool== Feedback from Tim: Any information on future developments planned, where or how widely these tokens are used and adopted, brief histories of them, their growth trends, what’s unique about each - Market cap is the most important indicator because it shows how much liquidity there is. - Rocket Pool’s network is highly collateralized, so in the event something goes bad there is a lot of collateral from the node operators. If reth holders need to get money back, there’s the RPL collateral & the ethereum itself that node operators put up to be a validator. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R19Yl3hjJCA&list=PLO9a_arVaRQkCCzic_PsUfNPbN3FtXjfj&index=7 See outline for more A. Future developments planned Where we are and what’s to come B. Brief History

Resource: Rocket Pool DeFi Market Rates https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XiOPWMjG5_BBxF5G5MafZc9Cde24y9jp-iKWKZsJxpk/edit

E. Future developments

LIDO Unique features:

Coinbase cbeth https://www.altcoinbuzz.io/cryptocurrency-news/why-coinbase-introduced-the-cbeth-token/#toread

Coinbase has also released a CBETH white paper, which explains the necessity for strong competitive liquid staking systems with “differentiated qualities.” Today, the Ethereum liquid staking market is controlled by a single solution that is on the verge of exceeding 33% network penetration. Coinbase also notes the success of USDC, the stablecoin created by the Centre consortium of Coinbase Global and Circle Financial. Furthermore, the exchange believes the trading platform’s trusted reputation will help cbETH expand.

Question: How is value of stETH calculated? (I know reth’s value calc) Doomsday scenario question: LSTs start to drop in value b/c of … can I easily sell them for ETH? Let’s say reth price starts tanking, can i sell back to eth?

Question: are the validators on permissionl

Could use this website APY Vision: https://app.apy.vision/pools/balancerv2_arbitrum-WETH-rETH-0xade4a71bb62bec25154cfc7e6ff49a513b491e81