My Background ✔️

I’m a former CPA and alumni of Deloitte and ConsenSys. Currently, I contribute to the governance team of 404 DAO. We are active delegates in Uniswap, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

You can find me on X (Twitter) and on Warpcast

Samples of my Writing ✍️

A New Approach to Reward DAO Delegates

This piece explores a proposal in the Arbitrum DAO to create an incentive system to reward active delegates with compensation.

Dodging the Tyranny of Structurelessness in DAOs

This piece explores Jo Freeman’s prescient essay The Tyranny of Structurelessness and how it applies to DAOs.

Open Dollar’s Alignment with the Arbitrum Constitution

This post dives into the Constitutional values of Arbitrum and how they align with the values of Open Dollar, a stablecoin and borrowing and lending protocol that recently launched on Arbitrum.

Disambiguating Autonomy

This post unpacks the term “Autonomy” and how it applies to DAOs, using ideas from the book Anarchist Cybernetics: Control and Communication in Radical Politics by Thomas Swann.

A Look into Autonomy and How DAOs Use Working Groups

This post examines the organizational structure of working groups from the lens of anarchistic organizations. It uses MetaFactory DAO and Wildfire DAO as case studies.

The Arbitrum Ecosystem: Innovating on DeFi

This post highlights Arbitrum’s cornerstone protocols and applications that provide foundational support to the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Additionally, I write a newsletter called Sharing is Caring where I break down Ethereum protocols and products. My newsletter on Substack is no longer maintained but it houses a lot of my early writing.

🌳 Digital Garden:

This site also serves as a digital garden, where I formulate thoughts and ideas into finished pieces of writing.

#seeds form the basis for ideas an thoughts

#saplings single nodes or thoughts

#fruits new pieces of content