This contradicts my previous thesis that users are smart and won’t use a centralized provider because of lock-in effects

Perhaps the difference is between regular users, average Jo consumer, and the decentralized ecosystem users e.g, liquidity providers, node validators. End user does not think about lock-in effects or switching cost. They just want the ability to do “x” to send that payment to their friend, to like that photo, to see their friend’s baby. My grandma uses facebook and it’s great for her quality of life, but grandma is not the target user for decentralized protocols or applications.

LPs need a carrot and stick to incentivize them to do stuff. They need compensation to do work, to run their business, to not move to another protocol.

LPs get governance rights but do they have the right incentives to make good decisions and spend time going through proposals? In an ideal world, they would, but they’re running a business. So governance sounds like a future career. What are professional delegates doing?