Source: https://gov.optimism.io/t/token-house-participation-and-incentives-an-extended-analysis/6479

  1. How to attract new delegates?
  2. How to catch the attention of delegates who have lowered their participation?
  3. How to define the quality of a dedicated delegate?
  4. How can the delegate be encouraged to share the Optimistic vision and bootstrap more participants and elevate the quality?
  5. What other activities of a delegate to evaluate besides participation in on-chain voting?
  6. Who monitors delegate activities?
  7. Based on previous experience, what is the direction to take for the reward allocation reassessment?
  8. What is the reward mechanism that best suits the current state of Optimism Foundation operations?

From Patrick J. in Twitter msg

  1. How much budget are you imagining Arbitrum DAO will be spending on delegate compensation?
  2. How much should a single delegate be earning?
  3. Do you want to fix the amount per delegate? Or do you want it based on amount of ARB delegated?
  4. Do you want delegate compensation to be zero sum?
  5. What behaviors do you want from your delegates i.e. what metrics do you want to use to prevent free riding? Participation seems obvious, but do you want communication tracked? Or do you want to track some other metric such as karmahq, or cred, or something else?
  6. FWIW if designing Maker again I wouldn’t use comms % because it requires a lot of manual work to track. 6. How do you want distribution to work? From a multisig? Or a bespoke contract that does it? If a bespoke contract, do you have someone to code it? 7. Do you want to reimburse gas for on-chain voting with Tally? We didn’t do this, opting for higher DAI comp instead. Aave do. ARB gas fees tend to be low so it’s probably not necessary for your purposes but it’s something to consider
  7. additionally: what currency are you proposing to use to pay your delegates? ARB? Stables? ETH?

Now, onto Arbitrum. They want to build a system that is unique to Arbitrum. Which means using what has worked for other protocols such as Optimism and Hop, and leaving what hasn’t.

Ben O’neill had an interesting idea, as K. from L2beats says, to have delegates compensated by working on Arbitrum’s strategic priorities. https://x.com/benhoneill/status/1691120866921484288?s=20