Interest area for Content Guild and for 404 DAO and now Arbitrum.

Professional delegate orgs:

  • GFX Labs (funded by Uniswap)
  • Stablenode (validator who uses rewards for investments & liquidity provisions. Also a VC)
    • StableLabs does professional delegation & creates governance frameworks
  • Blockworks
  • Layer2DAO - DAO that invests in L2 projects. With bought tokens, they vote
  • Plutus DAO
  • Flipside Crypto - Analytics company backed by VCs including Dapper. Governance is a separate committee

Butter is a (new-ish) organization that is quickly gaining traction and popularity. It ran a delegate compensation campaign for Aave and paid out (a nominal amount, for now) to delegates this past July (last month).




There are groups popping up, like the 13 in Buttery’s Aave campaign, that work on initiatives and then get paid. This is a way to get delegates paid.

In bigger DAOs, these same groups, keep popping up and they are delegates who get paid by the organization via rewards or incentives, I’m not quite sure from staking tokens, but it’s not the DAO who pays them.

So what’s the incentive for the DAO to pay if the org already pays? Smaller delegates can participate who don’t work for one of these companies or new orgs can participate and bootstrap themselves. ?